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If you haven't done so already, please take time now to browse our portrait product guide. Studio MPOD is a custom portrait art studio and I want you to be fully prepared for your portrait experience!
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Studio MPOD is willing to provide (at no additional fee) a cropped and sized digital file for yearbook and scholarship purposes. Any other use of the file is strictly prohibited and a violation of copyright policy.(Required)
UPON YOUR REQUEST, we will send any ordered image of your choice directly to your school or scholarship committee. It is your responsibility to verify that the image has been received by the appropriate party by the set deadlines. If possible, please bring delivery instructions to your ordering session.(Required)

Your Portrait Session Fee & Order Credit

Your portrait session fee blocks off and holds the appropriate amount of time for your portrait session. The order credit blocks off and holds the appropriate amount of time for your view & order session. The full amount of the order credit will be applied toward your portrait order. If you need to reschedule, your entire payment will follow your rescheduled sessions. Your entire payment is refundable with a minimum 21 days advance notice of cancellation.(Required)

Your Ordering Session

At your view & order session you will get to view your portraits for the first time via an awesome slideshow that is projected onto a big screen. Once the show is complete, we will slowly guide you through the process of selecting your favorites images. We will then use your favorite images to fulfill your wants and needs. Since you will be most likely placing your order at this time, anyone that wants or needs to help make decisions such as what gets ordered or how much is spent needs to attend this session!!!(Required)
Receive a 10% DISCOUNT on your entire order and special bonus gifts by finalizing your order at this session.(Required)
Payment is required to finalize your portrait order. Available payment methods include cash, check and MC/V/D. Interestfree payment plans are available if necessary.(Required)

Your Portrait Order

Within two weeks of finalizing your order, all retouched images will be uploaded to an online gallery so that you can share them with your friends and family. (Please notice only ordered images are retouched and uploaded to your online gallery.)(Required)
Depending upon the products ordered, please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery of your order. Rush orders are available for an additional fee.(Required)


It is ILLEGAL to COPY, SCAN, SCREENCAPTURE or REPRODUCE (photographic or electronic) any Studio MPOD images without the express written consent of Shirk Photography. Each client accepts full responsibility in assuring that unauthorized copies of their images are never made and accept the associated financial consequences. Since actual damages are difficult to ascertain, Studio MPOD shall be entitled to recover liquidated damages in the amount of $3,000.00 and reasonable attorney’s fees.(Required)

Model Release

Studio MPOD has permission to use and publish portraits from this session of me, my family, and/or my property in any and all forms of media for the purposes of publicity, displays, illustration, commercial art, advertising, publishing, competition and other lawful uses.(Required)

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If you’d like, we can schedule a planning session with you to go over your information provided in this form. Your planning session can be held on the phone or in person at our studio.
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